Abacus Education for brain development

The brain can be divided into two segments, the left brain which controls the reading, writing, logical thinking and reasoning skills and the right brain which is responsible for artistic senses, creativity and three dimensional visualization skills. Honing both parts of the brain is very important and focus on only one side will not completely benefit your child. Abacus training does just that, it develops both sides of the brain by making the child use, both his and her hands to move the colorful beads, while visualizing the problem and its solution in the brain.Abacus training benefits the right brain immensely and this has been proven by researchers as well.
The colorful beads and the process of physically solving mathematical problems makes abacus training a very interesting option for children. Benefiting your child in more ways than one, abacus coaching does not have a prescribed age to begin, but can be started for children starting kindergarten up to the age of 4.Abacus training can help your child improve concentration and make solving problems mentally a breeze. In fact abacus training is not a new concept and has been adopted as a simple yet powerful tool since historic times.
The other benefits of abacus training are the development of skills such as photographic memory, as the visualization involved with using an abacus is retained in the child's mind. The fact that mathematics is considered to be a tough subject can be disproved by starting abacus training with your child, who will not only grow in terms of confidence and mental calculation but will also develop numerous other skills such as improving observation powers, concentration, memory and much more. So starting abacus coaching for your child is a smart decision and will benefit your child and let you see a marked difference in his or her development.
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